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Things you can do with your child at home to help them in school:

  • Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning. Use your child's classroom calendar to stay updated.

  • Make sure they get enough sleep.

  • Make sure they have enough to eat before coming to school.

  • Provide a consistent schedule for school-days. Children thrive when they know what to expect.


The curriculum at Beacon Learning Academy is diverse and rich in content. We include science, literature, language, math, music, art, and dance into our activities. This helps foster social interactions, independent play, exploration and creativity. Our school is committed to a hands-on approach where we encourage imagination by exploring our equipment and materials. Much of the “work” done by children each day is intangible, yet rich in experience and life skills.

Our preschool program is designed to help children learn basic skills in math (patterns, counting, number recognition, classification skills, etc.), pre-reading (letter and sound recognition, journaling activities, etc.) and science (exploration, hands-on experiments, observation, nature collecting, cooking, etc.) Concepts are presented in fun, developmentally appropriate and creative ways. Art teaches all of these concepts by promoting self-expression, self-esteem and respect. Our curriculum supports self-help skills (potty-training, dressing self, feeding self, using language to express self, etc) and character-building activities to encourage diversity appreciation and understanding.

Daily Schedule:

Classroom schedules are laid out to give children the opportunity to engage in child-directed activities and playing, as well as participate in teacher-led individual or group activities that build important social skills and sense of a classroom community. Each day is packed with learning and includes a wonderful balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Plenty of time is allotted to allow "kids to be kids" daily. Children go outside for about 30 minutes each day (weather permitting). Children eat morning snack and lunch, both provided from home.